Litl Glass Care Instructions

Want to prolong the life of your pendant’s hardware? 

Yes, everything inside of the epoxy structure is preserved and tarnish-free, but if you follow these simple care tips, your hardware can last a lot longer. 

Clean your items with a soft dry cloth. Do not submerge your necklace in bath or dish water. If you accidentally wear your jewelry while bathing or showering, immediately remove the piece, lay it in a dry towel, blot the moisture away and let air dry. 

  • Do not use a jewelry cleaner as your piece may become damaged or discolored. 
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dark and dry place away from direct sunlight when not being worn. 

    Additional care tips!
  • Never sleep in your jewelry 
  • Try to keep your jewelry away from water
  • Only use lotions and perfumes prior to putting on jewelry.
  • Avoid massive sweating while wearing your jewelry. 
  • Avoid wearing during workouts
  • Avoid bathing, showering or swimming in your jewelry. 

 With a Litl TLC you can get the most out of your custom necklace!